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Out & About (again)

Welsh Quilt CentreThis time we are downstairs at the Welsh Quilt Centre where Jen Jones talks us through the wonderful array of products she has for sale – including some antique Welsh Blankets and Welsh Quilts (and modern quilters please note that the quilters of olden times did not feel it necessary to match the fabric used on the back of their quilts with that on the front – they enjoyed having two for the price of one!).

And if YOU want to go out and about  – check out our Events Page.

Hexagon’s from Valerie

Hexagons with ValerieThe Inner City design used by Valerie is very 3D visually but easy to construct by hand or machine (of course Valerie fused them into place!) and then used a wonderful variegated thread to satin-stitch them into place on the cushion.

Hint – If you like using Hexagons do use the quick links search at the bottom of the page to find out more videos and items in the shop.

More from Valerie

40 Minute Scrap QuiltShe managed to get herself listed as #4 Super Cool Quilty Things on the Internet by Martingale (a major publisher in the USA of patchwork books) – what was this for?   Well it’s her 40 minute Scrap Quilt – (read about it in our blog).

If you’ve not seen the video you obviously should – click here to see it, it’s free to view.

Didn’t she do well!!!

Sew a Simple Jelly Roll Bag

In case you missed it last Friday we loaded up a workshop from Carolyn Forster, who shares a simple design which she sometimes called her Dick Whittington Bag, and you can see why; this is from her book Sew Jelly Roll Quilts & Gifts – (which is our Book of the Month so has free p&p in the UK during the month) – and again if you like bags and/or Jelly rolls do use the Quick Links for these categories to find more workshops and patterns.

An Alternative to Quilting

Valerie also shows you how to ‘tie’ or button your quilts – an alternative which is decorative and still very traditional; many antique utility quilts were finished this way and for those of you with button collections what a great way to use them.

Shopping & Gifts

Iron CaddySome suggestions from the shop are on the right hand side of this page – something to sew; something to read; and something to help you play.

But if you are thinking of gifts then what about the delightful (and useful) Iron Caddy (click here to see the supporting video).

Happy Sewing
Valerie & Jennie

New this month

Tips and techniques
Tying (or Buttoning) Your Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt
This is a really quick alternative to quilting (and traditional too)

Japanese Bag with Carolyn Forster
Carolyn also calls this her ‘Dick Whittington’ bag and you can see why!

Upcycling with Steve Weekes
Steve shows you how to turn your jumper into a lovely cloche hat!

Simple fused box with Jennie Rayment
Try this simple technique to make boxes and bowls

Create Little Pictures with Valerie Nesbitt
A great way to use up little panels and practise your embellishing and mitred corners on binding.

Tips and techniques
Bonding an Alphabet Onto Your Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt
A couple of quick tips to help with adding words or names to personalize your projects.

Big Stitch Utility Quilting with Carolyn Forster
Not all quilts need to have small, competition stitches to make them look wonderful.