6 May 2016

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Structures Exhibition with Kate Findlay - Part 4

Out and About

Kate Findlay shows us round the final section of the Structures Exhibition (part 4).  In this video we learn about Kate’s own entry in the exhibition and we also see more about Thermofax printing. Watch Now+

8 pointed Star Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt


There’s been a lot for you to keep up with as we had  5 Friday’s in the month!

Eight pointed star with Val is such a useful block to create from simple squares and half-square triangle units and you don’t have to worry about all the points coming to the centre either! Watch Now+

String Stars with Anne Baxter

String Stars with Anne Baxter is great for scraps, strips and strings and is a really lovely finishing design.  While Anne, our Queen of cushion making, has concentrated on making this cushion for us, she also shows us a lovely scrappy 1930’s inspired quilt made with 9 blocks. Watch Now+

Flying Geese Row os Jennie's Stripy Stripey Quilt

Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt is well under way and continues with row 2 which is Jennie’s 3D flying geese;  these are really easy to make because there’s just one seam to sew. Watch Now+

Keep an eye out as row 3 is available from next Friday

Machine Tying your quilt
Mitred Corners with Valerie Nesbitt

Today, we have the last part of the quilting series that we’ve enjoyed with Paula Doyle – Machine Tying your quilt. It’s a great idea for everyone, but if you are one of those lucky people to have a machine with lots of different stitches on it, you might like to think about using a single motive – such as a flower or star –  in the same way that Paula has; and think about how brilliant this would be in the centre square of a log cabin ; and then think about using a variegated thread ! How exciting could that be – and possibly quicker too Watch Now+

And Val shows you her own simple way of creating mitred corners for quilts and borders  with the help of an iron. (and you know how Val loves easy!!) Watch Now+ 

20th Anniversary Kaffe Fassett Celebration Pack from Lady Sew & Sew
Kaffe Fassett's Brilliant Patchwork Cushions Book

Kaffe Fassett Shopping Extravaganza

This month we have a double treat for you in the shop if you are a fan of Kaffe Fassett, courtesy of Lady Sew and Sew. So if you are a fan and live in the UK this is definitely the month for you to treat yourself and get great savings!

Our Product of the Month is this delicious pastel Fabric Bundle containing 10 fabrics selected from the 20th Anniversary collection. Lady Sew and Sew have put this bundle together for us at a very special price – so why not take a look and treat yourself. More Info+

Our Book of the Month is Kaffe Fassett’s Brilliant Patchwork Cushions Book. Kaffe has created a cornucopia of 20 eye-catching designs, with something for every style and for every level of patchwork skill, using both his sumptuous florals and his neat geometric prints to great effect. Make these colourful patchwork cushions for yourself your friends or your home. More Info+

Don’t forget, both these items come with  FREE p&p in the UK for May 2016, and if you buy the product of the month you’re also entered into a draw for 1 months FREE subscription.

May Part 1 2016 trailer

Coming Soon

See our latest trailer where Valerie tells you what treats we have for you in the next few weeks, .Watch Now+

Don’t forget, we have new videos on justhands-on.tv every Friday and if you are a basic member, you can subscribe to get full access to over 600 tutorials, tips, interviews and visits for as little as £7 a month..  Learn More+

Modern Advent Calendar from Creative Quilting

Giveaway for Subscribed Members – Modern Advent Calendar from Creative Quilting

This month we are giving away the lovely modern advent calendar designed by Makower (a UK design house) – it’s never too early to make a start and never too old to use an Advent Calendar.

Just send an email entitled Advent Calendar to: justhandsontvcomp@gmail.comThe competition will close 31 May 2016. Read More +


iPad / iPhone Update

If your iPad or iPhone is affected by the Apple bug from the latest update (iOS9.3) (you’ll get a message that tells you that your privacy settings are stopping you from viewing the video), then we have some good news.

Whilst Apple are working on a fix for the problem (iOS9.3.2), we have found that you can use the PUFFIN Browser, which you can download from the App store on your iPad or iPhone. It works just like your normal browser,  but if you need help using it, please do contact us.

Otherwise, we recommend: If you do experience this difficulty, if you have another device eg a computer or other phone / tablet please use this to view our videos until the Apple update comes through.

Happy Sewing
Valerie & Jennie

Doodle Quilting by Cheryl Malkowski

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The Fenland Book of Kantha Stitching by Angela Daymond

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Spring - Complete as you go - pattern from The Stitch Witch

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Highlights of Portugal

Join Karin Hellaby on a fantastic 7 night quilting holiday to Portugal.  Sunday 18 – Sunday 25 Sep 2016 – 7 nights  Read More+

New videos this month

Machine Tying your Quilt with Paula Doyle

Machine Tying your Quilt with Paula Doyle

This is a great way to hold all those layers together without doing any quilting – and don’t the varigated threads look great too.Watch Now+

Mitred Corners with Valerie Nesbitt

Mitred Corners with Valerie Nesbitt

No need to worry about 45 degree angles and 1/4″ seam allowances when you do it Val’s way.Watch Now+

Flying Geese Row of Jennie's Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

Flying Geese Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

Traditional flying geese but with a textured twist from Jennie – as you would expect from a twiddler and fiddler. Watch Now+

8 pointed Star quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

8 pointed Star quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

This Star has no awkward centre seam so is really easy to make – and Valerie loves easy!  Watch Now+

Tea Cosy with Jennie Rayment

Tea Cosy with Jennie Rayment

Afternoon tea is enjoying a revival and this lovely cosy will enhance the table setting no end  Watch Now+

The Wordsmith with Janet Clare

The Wordsmith with Janet Clare

This is the title of a range of fabrics designed by Janet for Moda fabrics as well as a book, and here we learn more about the designwork behind the creation of the fabric range.. Watch Now+

The Night Sky Row of Jennie's Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

The Night Sky Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

This is the first row of your new quilt adventure in which Jennie shows you how to make the Sun/Moon and the Stars. Watch Now+

Adding Borders to your Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

Adding Borders to your Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

Valerie shares with you some helpful ideas on how to add borders to your quilt when you aren’t following a specific pattern. Watch Now+

Iron Caddy Tote with Valerie Nesbitt

Iron Caddy Tote with Valerie Nesbitt

This is such a neat idea – carry your iron safely AND have something to iron on when you arrive. Watch Now+

Jennie's Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

This is a delightful quilt in a sew-a-row style that has been designed by Jennie Rayment using Fat 1/4’s . Great for beginners and those with patchwork skills already. Watch Now+

Structures Textile Exhibition - Part 3 - with Kate Findlay

Structures Textile Exhibition – Part 3 – with Kate Findlay

More of the delightful textile art created by members of the Contemporary Quilt Guild Watch Now+

Frixion Marking Pens - A Warning

Frixion Marking Pens – Helpful information from Jennie Rayment

These pens were not designed to be used on fabric and Jennie points out why.. Watch Now+


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