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Welcome to Justhands-on.tv

We are devoted to inspiring and helping you to create beautiful projects.

We do this by providing online classes for quilting, knitting, embroidery and textile art – featuring Britain’s finest tutors and covering everything from beginner techniques through to advanced patterns.

We also support sewing communities by providing a marketplace for local shops to sell a wide range of sewing products (see SHOP), and we regularly put on sewing retreats for those out to enjoy a little sewing “me time” with featured tutors (see EVENTS).

Welcome to the growing justhands-on.tv community.

Who Is justhands-on.tv

Justhands-on.tv was launched in July 2009 by Valerie Nesbitt.  Prior to founding justhands-on.tv, Valerie owned her own shop, Creative Quilting, in East Molesey, a stone’s throw away from the Thames and Hampton Court Palace.

The idea for justhands-on.tv came about as the internet changed the way people shop for materials, and it become apparent that fixed class times and busy lives meant it was difficult for people to satisfy their appetite for education and inspiration.  Valerie spotted an opportunity to place education and inspiration at people’s fingertips at any time of the day or night anywhere in the world, and an opportunity to share her love of patchwork and quilting.

The first video content to be published was a series of films highlighting the work of a textile group called ‘Diversity’ who were at a show at Norden Farm in Maidenhead.  Since then the video library has grown to over 1,600 videos including full length workshops, tips and techniques by Britain’s finest tutors, interviews with artists, visits to shows & exhibitions and more.  The topics covered have grown from patchwork & quilting to include knitting and a wide range of textile art.  And, we now offer viewers the chance to buy fabric, patterns and templates featured in videos as well as attend a justhands-on.tv weekend retreat.

Our ambition is to share our very British passion for crafting with people around the globe.  We have seen our significant following in the UK grow to include 187 countries.  We look forward to welcoming more people to the justhands-on.tv community in the future.

We believe that the sewing community needs a thriving network of local shops.  Our Founder, Valerie Nesbitt, owned and ran a shop in Hampton Court, so supporting shops is in our DNA.  Always has been and always will be.

That’s why justhands-on.tv sell through shops.  Not against them.  The online SHOP at www.justhands-on.tv is more of a marketplace where shops and artists list products, patterns and books that they want to sell.

We have a thriving Community section in our site where sewers can share their work and find out what inspirational ideas others are enjoying,  And there is an Events section where people can learn about upcoming retreat, shows and exhibitions.

We are committed to supporting sewing communities in the UK and around the world.

Valerie is the Creative Director.  She is in charge of charting our direction through selecting the tutors and classes that we film.  She is also responsible for facilitating relationships with contributors and shops.  It helps that she has all those contacts from her days as a shop owner.  Valerie became a bit of a YouTube celebrity recently with over 2 million views (and counting!) of her 40 minute scrap quilt workshop.

Steve is our CEO and leads the charge in terms of marketing.  He comes from the advertising and digital worlds – – having worked at places such as Ogilvy.

Matt and Dave are responsible for all things related to video productions.  They have been delivering videos for justhands-on.tv from the start, capturing all the passion of the artists.

Juliet is in charge of our Operations, Support and Tech.  She’s probably the one you’ll speak to or exchange emails with if the need arises.  It helps that she has spent most of her career teaching people (often older people) how to use computers.

Violeta is our social media expert.  She keeps herself busy posting out all the latest information and engaging with the sewing community on social media platforms.

And the Tutors.  Where would we be without all these wonderful and talented tutors.  See the section below for more details about each tutor featured on justhands-on.tv .

Meet our tutors

Carolyn Forster

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Carolyn is an accomplished quilt maker, teacher and author of several books and patterns. Carolyn has been sewing quilts for over 20 years and just loves using up scraps. She is constantly inspired by vintage quilt blocks she finds on her travels and she brings them up-to-date with modern construction techniques – stitch n’ flip and Quilting on the Go are two of her favourites.

Gail Penberthy

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Gail is an accomplished pattern designer and teacher. She loves to make three dimensional items as well as cushions, quilts and wallhangings. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys spending most of her time writing patterns and thinking up new and quirky ideas and how to make them.

Janet Clare

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With over 25 years as a textile designer and teacher, Janet regularly hosts talks and workshops, focusing on the design process and creative techniques she uses - - especially drawing with your sewing machine and free motion machine appliqué.

Paula Doyle

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Paula Doyle is an author, award winning quilter and tutor. One of the things she likes best is designing complex looking quilts which are made using simplified techniques to make them achievable and enjoyable to every quilter.

Sarah Hatton

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Sarah’s inspiration has a tendency to be garment shape and she rarely works in more than one colour, yet produces amazing wearable garments that explore and push the boundaries of shape and texture. As a designer for Rowan for many years, Sarah is well-known for her innovative use of lace, cables and texture.

Kate Percival

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In loving memory of Kate Percival, one of our delightful quilting friends and contributors, who passed away. Kate Percival’s hand stitching techniques have been an inspiration for many quilters. Her workshops and quilts live on as a legacy to her craftsmanship, and expertise.

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