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Create Little Pictures with Valerie Nesbitt

A great way to use up little panels and practise your embellishing and mitred corners on binding.


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Montage ..

Picture panels come in varied sizes and lots of designs and it’s not always easy to turn them into a quilt – well here is another option;   Valerie shows you how easy it is to create little pictures which can be grouped together into a montage.

and Embellish

Don’t forget that you can add embellishments with stitching as well as glitz and these little panels are perfect for that.

You also get the opportunity to practice mitred corners on your binding which give such a professional finish to any project!

not sure how to do mitred corners on your binding?  click here for our video

And on the background you could practice your free motion quilting.

So lots to do in just one little project!

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