Technology Upgrade

On the move or just out and about this Easter Weekend, don’t forget that you can take us with you watching on your Ipad or tablet;  at present you may still need a little help from Puffin but we wanted you to know that we are busy behind the scenes upgrading all the films into a format that will be liked more by the new era of tablet and in particular the Ipad;  like all things technical making the decision is quick and easy  – getting everything working is less simple and takes longer!!!!!

New in the Shop

If you are on the move, or away from home and like hand sewing, you might like to know that we have new products for those of you who love English Paper Piecing;  you can get pre-cut shapes other than hexagons and there is a delightful miniature Lone Star as well as some Christmas decorations (we know it’s only Easter but sewing takes opportunity and time!) (quick link Hexagons).

Inspiration Getaway

If you want to getaway to sew sometime later this year, do check out the Classifieds for retreats;  there are some great destinations; or you could combine your awaytime with a show – check out the Events Pages ( there is one on the Isle of Man in May.)   If you are an organiser of a show, the listing with us is free – just send us the information.

Twiddle & Fiddle with Jennie

4_jh108-02-lily-block - Valerie Nesbitt - valerieThis lovely Lily block workshop is one of the blocks featured in the free download pattern for subscribers entitled Floradorable in the Community section of the site.

Free tea cosy tip for hand quilting

4_jh103-09-tea-cosy-tip - Valerie Nesbitt - valerieThis is an interesting little tip from Paula Doyle to help with her hand quilting and who would have thought of this alternative use for a tea cosy (and check out the beeswax now in the shop)

Beading Projects with Fran Rose

4_jh107-08-beaded-kilt-pin - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

Decorate your Kilt Pin from Fran Rose – for all you beading enthusiasts and with Scotland being very much in the news in the next few months over the Commonwealth Games  how appropriate is this.   Fran also shares how to make earrings and some other single drop ideas for gifts.

A (re)visit to New Zealand with Gail Lawther

– but the quilts and the inspiration don’t date.

4_jh039-gail-lawther - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

Giveaway for Subscribers:

4_fat-qu-club001 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

Sorry we forgot the pic last time!

A delightful pack of 6 fat ¼ metres from the Crazy for Daisy range of fabrics has been donated by Creative Quilting; these are so bright and cheery how can you resist?

As a subscribed member you just need to send us an email to our competition address

with the title Daisies – closing date is 30th April.

For more information about this pack, go to the Competition page on our site.

Happy Sewing this Easter

Valerie & Jennie

PS: Message from Jennie: she has been on her worldwide travels and somewhere in the journey the hackers got to work!

please ignore any email with just an attachment and/or link  from me – if the email were from me – there would be waffle as well – so no waffle – it is not from me. Ignore


New this month

Lily Block with Jennie Rayment
This delightful block is twiddled and fiddled as only Jennie knows how.

Tips and techniques
How to Hand Quilt the Borders of Your Quilt
this is a handy tip from Paula Doyle – who would have thought a tea cosy could make all the difference!

Hearty Good Wishes with Janet Clare
Janet shares with us her lovely book of coastal quilts and her new range of fabrics inspired by the book.

Tips and techniques
How to extend your borders with Valerie Nesbitt
When the fabric just isn’t long enough what do you do? Valerie has a neat answer.

Quilt Material Revelation from Dave Harries
Dave introduces Valerie to a wonderful new material he uses for patchwork.

Concentric Squares Modern Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt
Modern quilts use lots of background white or grey to showcase the fabrics – this is a simple one to get you started.

Simple Layer Cake Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt
A fun, quick and easy way to use up stash and/or that layer cake you just couldn’t resist!

Out and about
Art meets Science – A SAQA exhibition
A travelling exhibition called ‘Art Meets Science’ by the International Art quilt group SAQA

Tips and techniques
How to Measure and Pin Your Borders with Valerie Nesbitt
or how to avoid having wavy edges on your quilt!