Quilt Material Revelation from Dave Harries

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Quilt Material Revelation from Dave Harries

Dave introduces Valerie to a wonderful new material he uses for patchwork.

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With the popularity of pre-cuts Dave could be on to a winner;  he has been so inspired by the videos that he has been producing for Justhands-on.tv over the past few years that he has taken the plunge with this new material he has discovered which is readily available on the High Street, comes in various colours, sometimes quilted and if you don’t have a rotary cutter, easy to tear into segments.

Posted 1st April 2014

P.S. – the quilt in the background is from a pattern called Vintage Rouge available from Creative Quilting (isabelle@creativequilting.co.uk);  it was originally part of the block of the month programme with fabrics, but the pattern can now be purchased on it’s own.

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