String Stars with Anne Baxter

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String Stars with Anne Baxter

This is a great way to use up strips and strings of fabric to create a wobderful cushion and quilt.


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This is a great scrap project where anything goes in terms of size and colour. You might want to pre-think a colour palette though in the same way that Anne did. You are asked to use templates, but these are really easy to make yourself. The sewing is dead easy too as the strings and strips are sewn onto a foundation base. Anne uses calico, but you could use anything that is relatively stable such as thin vilene if you have it, but not the sticky kind!

Once you’ve made your blocks, Anne talks you through how to finish off the cushion. She does this with simple but interesting borders and an overlap back.

At the end of the workshop you get to see a delightful quilt top made from 1930’s style fabric scraps.

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