Sewing for pleasure is exactly what Valerie and Jennie love to do and if you want to catch up with Jennie she, together with many of our other contributors and textile friends such as Kim Tittitchai and Hilary Beattie, Creative Quilting and Daisy Chain Designs, are at the Sewing With Pleasure show running at the NEC, Birmingham 20-23 March 2014. Go to  for more information.


4_jh100-13-amish-waves - Valerie Nesbitt - valerieCarolyn Forster loves to quilt with thicker threads and utility stitches;  she shares with us the traditional pattern Amish Waves, which is an all-over design she introduces her beginner students to, and she shows us how this can be used on both modern and more traditional quilt designs; how to draw your own pattern and interesting too that it can be worked from the outside in which is very unusual.

Home Dec

Twit, Twoo with Jennie and make this delightful bunting:

4_jh108-01-owl-bunting - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

Other bunting ideas can be found with the quick link: bunting

Textile Art:

4_jh072-03-saqa-exhibit - Valerie Nesbitt - valerieWe are revisiting the SAQA exhibition ‘Art Meets Science’; the works focus upon inspiration from scientific theories or phenomena expressed in new or unexpected ways, from the harmonies of randomness to the dynamics produced by scientific imagery.

And if this is your sort of thing  we now have a quick link ‘textile art’ (keep an eye on us as we meet Kate Findlay later in the year who was inspired by the Hadron Collider to make some stunning quilts).


On the right hand side of the page we have the Book of the Month ‘Love to Sew Pincushions’; a limited edition quilt kit Satuday Soiree;  An Angel Story from Annie Downs – fused applique and stitchery(and is a reissue in pattern format); Foolproof Crazy  Quilting – a delightful book of embroidery stitches with a modern setting; Lakeside Towers Quilt Kit – using Oakshott shott cottons (and was the subject of a workshop here on the site) ;  if you can’t see these then tap on ‘download entire message/email’ at the bottom of this email.

Don’t forget that you can watch on your Ipad and on your kindle and the smart tv – so you really can have us  join you in your living room for a personal lesson (and you can play catchup any time you like!)

Happy sewing

Valerie & Jennie

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New this month

Amish Waves Hand Quilting with Carolyn Forster
Traditional utility quilting design that can be used on quilts both ancient and modern in design.

Owl Bunting with Jennie Rayment
Twit Twoo from Jennie as she shows you how to make this charming bunting from scraps.

Out and about
Antique Welsh Quilt Exhibition in the Welsh Quilt Centre
Jen Jones takes us round this wonderful exhibition of wholecloth quilts and we are treated to the stories behind the quilts and their charming stitching.

Tips and techniques
How to fold a Secret Pillow with Valerie Nesbitt
The secret is out!

How to Make a Secret Pillow with Valerie Nesbitt
also known as a Quillow or Secret Quilt – it’s where the quilt hides inside your pillow to create the pillow pad or stuffing.

Tips and techniques
When the Grains Meet – Advice from Dawn Cameron-Dick
Learn how to cope when bias meets straight.

Out and about
Singerie from Karen Nicol
A collection of delightful textile monkeys that Karen was working on for her gallery exhibition.