What a busy Friday it turned out to be – four new pieces of video for you to watch- did you notice them all?

We continued to  wander round the Guildford Quilters exhibition at Clandon Park where you can’t fail to be inspired by  the 93 quilts on display


then there is the video that we shot  at the Great Northern Quilt Show in Harrogate which shows you the lovely quilts that are in Gail Lawther’s beautiful  new book – ‘Glimpses of Britain’;



this is also our featured Book of the Month – so free p&p in the UK during October.

The quilts are also part of the touring exhibitions of the Grosvenor Shows events; more details from their own website www.grosvenorshows.co.uk and they have a new event being staged at Detling in Kent 18-20 October.

And then there are two new pieces featuring our new series Your First Sampler Quilt;  (these are on the Home Page) we have the introduction video and we also have a piece helping you choose your colours.   These two videos are free to watch if you are just a registered member but the construction sections will only be available to those who are subscribed members.   In this series we are aiming to give those of you with some sewing skills some inspiration as well as helping those who are new to patchwork;  this quilt consists of a series of blocks (squares) that build up your patchwork skill base from the first block through to the final quilting and binding.    It is created using the modern rotary cutting and machine piecing skills but workshop notes will be given for handpiecing (no templates involved though).


There are 9 different designs featured but we will be adding  lots of variations in the blocks so that you could make a much bigger quilt if you wish (as well as other quilts from the same blocks).   The series will be loaded up quickly so that you can enjoy making it without too much delay  (or indeed at your own leisurely pace at any time of the day or night!  – you won’t have to wait for us!)

Later in the month we meet Angela Daymond, who loves using natural products from which to dye her fabrics and she starts off  with a lovely little workshop showing us how to use tulip petals and steam.

We have a great tip from Dawn Cameron-Dick on how to square up your blocks – something we do a lot in today’s patchwork with the combination of the rotary cutter and our sewing machines – and there is a workshop from Valerie to make a ‘stitch n flip’ quilt.

Towards the end of the month Lynette Harris – The Stitch Witch – gives us two little workshops on how to make 3D tree decorations and a shadow appliqué quilted card.

To enjoy more than just tasters of the workshops and videos you do need to be a subscribed member; you can join on a monthly basis  – its just  £6/month –  or purchase a 3month, 6 month or 12 month membership, which has the added benefit of being 12 months for the price of just 10.

BUT not everything is behind the membership wall;  did those of you who are only registered members realise that the 40 minute scrap quilt with Valerie AND the workshop with Myfanwy with the Texture Plus AND her great tip on how to replace needles on your embellishing machine were available to you too?   If not hop onto the website and find them in the videos section (they have moved off the Home Page ) -look in Tips and Workshops.   We are busily working on the  new website (!) and as well as a search facility and quick links we will be able to send you directly to the video pages – won’t that be nice! – but more of all that later in the month.

In the meantime just keep an eye on the shopping pages as more products will be going up (now that we are all back from our holidays!).

Happy Sewing

Valerie & Jennie