I can hardly believe that in only a couple of weeks it will be the longest day. For me that means the National Patchwork Championship quilt show at Sandown Park, Esher is just around the corner – not just in time, but also literally. I have for years considered this to be my local show and I hold it in special affection; this is another of the shows run by Roger Cooling and his team at Grosvenor Shows. Earlier in the year we went to the quilt show down at Westpoint Arena , just outside Exeter to film and the first part of this film will be available next week (Fri 4th June) and includes interviews with Step by Step Patchwork, famous for their Japanese fabrics, and also a look at quilts from Pat Deacon, Irene MacWilliam, Roy Dickinson and the South West Quilters challenge, together with a very special interview with young Josh – who is six and who, with guidance from his grannie, Elaine, entered a small quilt. These quilts will also be at the Sandown Show. (18th-20th June, at the Racecourse in Esher, Surrey).

Another exhibition on show at the Sandown quilt show will be the Round Robin quilts from the local Richmond & Kew group; these were on show at their own exhibition earlier in May and not only was the exhibition a great success, but these Round Robin quilts were unusual in their format – not the usual medallion quilt style. I am planning to pop some pics on the Show & Tell page in due course.

Hopefully you will already have found the inspiring interview with Dorothy Richie – a quilter who is determined to quilt no matter what, and the workshop on monoprinting with Lesley Brankin.

Also coming up this month for your viewing pleasure will be a tip from Maggie Davies on how to cut large squares accurately – by that I mean any square that is larger than your 12 ½” square up ruler; throw away your pencils and tape measure and follow her advice. Maggie also gives a lovely workshop called Ribbon art, which shows you how to use the small, 1/8th wide ready fused ribbon, around the outside edges of your fused shapes, therefore giving a quick, easy, no-sew project which can be done on your tabletop.

Jennie is sharing with us how to do Tumbling blocks; for her it has to be on the machine, and this is a great technique on how to do in-set seams, or Y seams, and I’m into recycling with an idea shared by my friend Hilary Davies on how to use up men’s ties.

In addition to all this Sarah Soward has come up with the pattern for her quick and easy Jelly Roll quilt, so her workshop is available again, and the pattern is downloadable so that you can make a start straight away.

Sarah is busy working on a number of ideas for us, including one for perpetual, 3D flowers, that will look good in any hallway vase – and need no water. Just search out your appealing flower and petal fabrics, and have a go; this is also a downloadable pattern, and is exclusive to Justhands-on.tv

July is our Birthday month and we have more prizes to give away: 25 lucky subscribers will be in the draw for more fabric – we can never have too much eh? – and the prize draw for the Huscavana Embellisher will also take place in July; again you need to be a subscriber to be in the draw for this and to remind you of just what you can achieve we are rerunning the great workshop that Jennifer Trollope gave for us.

AND we will be running a Christmas in July feature; lots of workshops with a Christmas theme; lots of extra products with a Christmas theme as well as items in the Small Ads so that you can make an early start.

Don’t forget that in order to get the most from the site you do need to be a subscribed member – we do accept cheques, all you need to do is ask through the Contact Us button.  You can pay for 3 months, 6 months or a whole year.

News and updates are now on what was the Features page and I know I’m a little tardy, but the Show & Tell page, really is coming!! Always happy to receive more pics and info from you all – again you can send it in the post if your computer skills aren’t good enough to attach in an email. Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

Comments and other contributions also welcome: here is one from a happy viewer:

INSOMNIA! Who cares. With this site I am happy as a pig in muck!
Just spent a very happy couple of hours, it’s now 3.20 am so will try the bed once more. Thanks for helping to keep me sane!

Happy Sewing
Valerie & Jennie