For those of us who are no longer teenagers, it may be that Feb 14th isn’t a key date on the calendar, but I rather like the North American habit of remembering your friends on this day too  – so a very happy day to all our quilting friends.

Don’t forget that the films will start to be renewed on Feb 23rd and that is also the date that the renewal offer of 4 months for the price of 3 will run out – so if you’ve not logged on recently, might be worth checking if you can make use of this offer.

From 23rd Feb all memberships will be at the very economical price of £6/month, and for that you get NINE new videos a month – a mixture of tips, techniques, workshops, stuff to watch, anytime that’s convenient to you – great value and there are over 50 items on the website now and all the right length to enjoy with your coffee.

One other reminder; the films are quite large in terms of data so can take a while to load onto your computer (particularly at busy times of the day) so if we appear jerky (like Charlie Chaplin) or the films keeps stopping, (how annoying is that) what you need to do is hit the pause button (which looks like II underneath the screen) allow the film to load in the background while you get your coffee/tea/wine and then come back and watch it.

Speaking of quality though, if you haven’t seen the video called ‘The Shipping Forecast’ you have missed a treat; the boys at have done a stunning job of this and it is truely mesmerizing. It’s in the Visits to Shows and Museums section and you do need to be a subscribed member to see it

Are you a quilter or textile artist and would like to sell your work? Do you run Quilting holidays or retreats? Are you a shop that offers a Block of the Month programme? Well we now have a small ads category and for just £10/month you can have space for 3 items; the space is completely within your control – you can add and edit as often as you like, and you will reach a worldwide audience. Just follow the instructions on the site (but Jennie and I are at the end of the Contact Us button if you have problems).

When I was at the Ardingly Show I came away with some great new ideas for us to film and share with you , but I also found some great new products from Daisy Chain – Rachel Pellman kits which are on the site; I took these to my quiltgroup just to show, and had to hand them over! There is the cutest sheep wallhanging and a cat as a no-turn felt appliqué, and then the Cockerall is traditional appliqué (but you could fuse it couldn’t you?!?).

Great little projects while the weather continues to keep us indoors.

Happy sewing
Valerie & Jennie