Running a little late this month and I’m going to blame it on the ashcloud!! I was forced to reschedule a getaway to sit in the sun to one that we could drive to, still sit in the sun but I had no internet access – how shocking is that! However, am now back in the land of technology and we have a full 5 weeks in this month, which are just jam packed with great films and workshops, all starting on Fridays.

You will already have noticed that we have kicked off with an interview with Lesley Brankin, quiltmaker and textile artist, where we are introduced to her award winning OXO quilt, as well as her latest foundation pieced quilt, Beside the Sea, and her lovely painted quilt, Porthmeor. Painting quilts is what currently inspires Lesley, and her very inspiring mono-printing workshop for us is coming later in May.

So that you too can enjoy the books and patterns written by Lesley, we have included, this month, an introduction to the technique of Foundation Piecing, and interestingly enough this technique is also used by Anne Baxter for her Faded Flag cushion – how opportune is that; I hadn’t realized when I booked the workshop. Using our national flag as inspiration for sewing is so trendy at present, and done in these soft, almost antique fabrics it is quite beautiful.

Want to know what the cushion looks like? Well, did you notice that the thumbnail on the Homepage for our welcome video has changed? This means that the film behind it has also been updated – so while you do still get the same intro from me, there are film clips from just SOME of the videos that are currently in production.

AND if you like the quilt that is currently featured as the thumbnail (it also features at the end of the welcome video) this is one of the many classes that Jennie teaches – it’s called ‘Cosmic Happenings’ and is stunning; I took the class recently and was amazed to find how simple it is to do (but then Jennie always makes her stuff simple and achievable) and her classes are so much fun – if you run a group and she’s not visited you, you should get in touch. The quilt is available as a pattern  from www.

I’ve taken the opportunity of sharing with you a variety of ways of using the humble 9-patch block, which I hope will be inspirational, together with a great workshop using a pattern called Cut 9-patch; and Jennie will be sharing with you her neat little fastening off tip using the sewing machine – no hand sewing for Jennie.

Both Jennie and I have become bag ladies this month – a couple of ideas for very useful bags; after all a girl can never have too many bags, particularly since we are all trying to be economical and green.

And last but not least, Sue Pearl has shared with us her workshop on feltmaking
creating a little picture.

Now ladies, don’t forget to keep an eye on the Small Ads section; this is where information on services, such as quilting and on courses and retreats are being added as we speak; I’m also going to visit the Textile exhibition that is running locally (Maidenhead) – called Anthology- details for which are in the Textile Gallery of the small ads.

Jennie and I now both have pages on Facebook, so if anyone out there wants to be friends with us we would LOVE IT.

Happy Sewing
Valerie & Jennie