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5_facebook_logo - Juliet Coffer - julietToday we have a special competition running on Facebook: You need to go to our Facebook page and you’ll find full instructions on how to enter on the Facebook post itself (read carefully!) – competition ends 16th October, so you will have to be quick!


4_jh113-04-star-snowball - Valerie Nesbitt - valerieValerie continues to use the stitch n flip method of construction this time to create stars and raise money for Breast Cancer Research. And as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the UK (October) a charity donation will be made by for each of the Star Snowball workshop notes downloaded during the month.

For other designs using this method use the quick link here

Out & About

4_jh112-01-prism-expo-p1 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerieWe filmed a really wonderful exhibition back in the summer showing work by the girls from Prism; Part 1 is up today (more next month of course). Their work is so very varied and really does challenge the traditional view of textiles and art.

And if you are planning to visit the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexander Palace (London) 8-12th October then they have more work on show there.

Book of the Month

5_931-20-felt-christmas-decs-3 - Juliet Coffer - julietCorinne Lapierre’s book continues with our theme of getting ready for Christmas – this time 20 delightful felt decorations (or how about using them as gift tags for those special parcels!).


If you’re looking for pressie ideas don’t forget to have a browse through the Shop. Over on the right panel of the newsletter, we’ve suggested the Caddy Pad – an iron tote and ironing pad in one, which makes a great gift and comes with an accompanying workshop here.

Or, if you’d like to buy someone a fixed term membership – just purchase it early, cross it off your to-do list and we’ll send it through to them on Christmas Eve.

For other ideas, you can use the quick search for Christmas

And finally…

Only a quilter says:” I don’t need another project” and then offers to make a quilt for a friend.

Happy Sewing

Valerie & Jennie

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New this month

Out and about
Sewing with the Old Irish with Karen Nicol
Karen shows us just how versatile this old industrial Singer machine can be in her hands – but inspiration for us all; and Karen confirms that you can never have too many threads!

Star Sashing for your Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt
Valerie suggests how you could turn the simple cornerstones of your sashing into something more interesting – easily and simply.

Tips and techniques
Stitch ‘n Flip tip from Valerie Nesbitt
Don’t panic if the selvedge shows – you could probably still use the piece.

Meet Philippa Naylor – Quiltmaker and Author
Award winning quilter – this interview was at Festival of Quilts.

Pinweaving with Lorna Bateman
Another great idea for using up scraps of fabric to create stunning useful designs.

Tips and techniques
Double Prairie Points from Valerie Nesbitt
Add variety to these pointy out (or in) bits on your projects.