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Carolyn Sinclair

About Carolyn

Carolyn is an experienced tutor in computerised design and computerised sewing machines.

Her interest in textile arts started with silk painting where she painted with French dyes and experimented with different silk fibres and fabrics.  When Carolyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she started using computerised design programmes to make her life easier. This grew into a passion for pushing the boundaries of embroidery software, using it in unusual ways and being very creative with the software and embroidery machines. She has had many articles published on her work that focussed on helping beginners learn how to use computerised design.

Much of Carolyn’s work is inspired by the uncertainty of the sea as she has spent hundreds of hours offshore yacht sailing with her family. The unpredictability of the sea encourages her to work in a free and often very experimental way. Contrasting elements often feature in her work, be they a strong contrast of colour or texture. Some designs start with digital photographs which she manipulates until a design presents itself which then will translate into stitch. Carolyn says “There is always something new to learn or experiment with by working in this way”.

Popular courses taught by Carolyn cover topics such as “getting to know your computerised sewing machines”, “using the embroidery bed”, “learning embroidery machine software” and “designing your own designs on the computer. Carolyn enjoys the challenge of teaching and is very fortunate to be strongly supported by all the major sewing machine manufacturers and can therefore teach all makes of sewing machines and sewing machine software.

Carolyn lives in Southampton, regularly exhibits her work, and has undertaken commissions for Coats thread.

Signature Technique

Computerised embroidery design and computerised machine embroidery

Carolyn’s Top Tips

  • By putting a blade in your machine instead of a needle you can use a machine to cut away designs from your fabric
  • Use drawing software to design innovative contours
  • Layer French dyes onto silk fibres then steam in a microwave to create a wonderful effect.


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