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Anne Baxter

About Anne

Anne lives in rural Devon, in a thatched cottage which she shares with her husband and three dogs. Her patchwork decorates the house throughout and you can’t help but be inspired surrounded by her work and all those old beams.

Anne has sewn all of her life, prolifically for the last 25 years. She works across a wide range of patchwork and appliqué techniques and designs – – from the Navajo blanket quilt that includes simple and advance techniques to simple cushion designs.

Quilts are her first love, but inevitably they take time to complete, whereas Anne finds that a cushion is a much quicker project to tackle. According to Anne, “There’s always room for another cushion. They are a manageable size and a marvellous vehicle to experiment with. The satisfaction that comes with having made something never fails to thrill me.”

As of 2015, Anne reduced her teaching commitments. The good news is that she is still filming workshops. Check out the wealth of online classes by Anne in our VIDEO section.

Signature Technique

Experimenting with different techniques, designs and finishing styles on cushions.

Anne’s Top Tips

  • If you’ve never made a thing in your life, a simple cushion is a great place to start. Even an accomplished stitcher can always try a new technique like a bound edge…so much easier than piping!
  • Finishing techniques, e.g. Oxford Flap, are easy to do and give your cushion a very professional look.
  • There’s always another idea to try just around the corner. Enjoy experimenting with new ideas.
  • You can’t beat a handmade gift and a cushion fits the bill perfectly.


Books and Patterns


Filming in Devon with Anne Baxter

We had a lovely day with Anne filming some great workshops.       Came back really inspired and with the help of some new Fat 1/4s designed by Lewis & Irene I made a start on the Magic 4-patch.   You will have to wait a little longer for the 'show & tell' and a bit longer too for the workshop itself - but you will LOVE it!


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