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Subscriber Giveaway for April 2019 – Stars and Flower – a Your choice pattern from Angela Madden

Sorry the competition is now closed. The pattern is available in the Shop

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Angela Madden

Angela Madden is an internationally recognised quilter, teacher and author. After working for many years as an Occupational Therapist, Angela gained a degree in adult education and changed direction to pursue her interest in patchwork and quilting.

Angela Madden and Barbara Weeks

Jennie: Had mad day yesterday filming Angela doing her amazing Multi - Plait and her Circle Slice. Angela did a great job on the demos and now I feel I could make a multi-plaited cuved slice of twiddling! Dream on - if I only had the time. Then we all repaired to local pub for lunch and off to Barbara's carrying cakes (made by Angela!) for extra sustenance.

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