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Nancy Adamek

About Nancy

Nancy has been a keen Quilter for the last 20 years, specialising in English Paper Piecing.

Nancy’s passion for quilting was passed on to her by my mother Lillian Adamek. Lillian was a completely self-taught Quilter who founded the first local quilt group in Hamm (Germany). Lillian went on to teach quilt classes at the adult education centre and organised annual quilt shows for many years. Lillian actually got Nancy into quilting by refusing to make her a quilt! According to Nancy, “I was very cross with her initially, I am eternally grateful to her stubbornness today. Once I started sewing my first quilt I never looked back: What a wonderful hobby!”

Nancy and her mum always dreamed of having their own quilting business together. Sadly Nancy’s mother passed away in 2006 before they had the opportunity to launch their business together. But her legacy lives on in Lina Patchwork Ltd. (the Li of Lillian and the Na from Nancy) founded in August 2013 by Nancy and based in Deal, Kent (UK).

Nancy loves English Paper Piecing so much that she made ready-cut patchwork paper shapes a focus of her business. These high quality, pre-cut paper pieces are accurately die-cut, here in the UK, which means that not only will your patchwork be that much more accurate, but you can start sewing straight away and use them over and over again.

Nancy believes that English Paper Piecing is enjoying a huge revival because it’s so portable, because you are able to use up scraps or small pieces of fabric and because it gives you more time to enjoy sewing.

If you’ve never tried English Paper Piecing, now is the time to start. Check out this VIDEO where Nancy gives us a short English Paper Piecing demonstration with diamonds, plus some great tips on what to do with the pointy bits (very technical description!).


Signature Technique

English Paper Piecing

Nancy’s Top Tips

  • Always turn and fold fabric over in the same direction. This way tails on points will always point the same way.
  • If hand stitching is difficult, use a glue pen to attach fabric to paper.
  • Cut a little more than 1/4” around a pattern; it makes it more convenient when you fold it over.
  • Invest in good quality tools – from scissors to paper (of course)

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