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By Steve Barton, CEO How many of these [...]

New Year – New Filming day with Jennie Rayment and Paula Doyle

We had a fabulous day with two of our favourite contributors- Not only did we get some wonderful workshops out of everybody - but we can give you advance notice that Jennie and Paula are booked for a retreat Nov 24/25 2018 - SO SAVE THE DATE. We do know what they will be working on (and we have film to  prove it!) but the venue yet to be decided.

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Paula Doyle

Paula Doyle is an author, award winning quilter and tutor. One of the things she likes best is designing complex looking quilts which are made using simplified techniques to make them achievable and enjoyable to every quilter.

Christmas Wreath idea from Paula Doyle

Don't you just love it when a simple idea works - this wreath is so simple and easy,  and anyone can do it - so get the whole family involved! It's a no-sew project which uses up lots of plain fabric, plus a pinking blade for the rotary cutter and some tacky glue.     click here for the pdf instructions: Thank you so much Paula for sharing Happy Christmas

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Filming with Paula Doyle and Julia Gahagan

Despite having put in 4 long days at the Festival of Quilts providing workshops and demonstrations these two ladies joined Dave, Matt and Val for a day's filming .   Paula Doyle generously allowed us to use her lovely workshop and you can see us getting ready (!) -     Look out for workshops with Paula on making her Tulip Tree Bag and on hand quilting but you can enjoy her mini-mosaics workshop now by clicking here:     Julia Gahagan is passionate about miniature quilts and showed us how easy it is to create a small shadow applique project.

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