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Quinary Threads

16th - 27th April 2019
The Quinary Threads Contemporary Textile Art exhibition will take place at the Lansdown Gallery, Landsdown, Stroud, GL5 1BB
Open 11am-4.00pm
For more information visit https://quinary12.wordpress.com/

A Textile Weekend in Hampshire, May 2019

Date: 4 - 5 May 2019
Location: Warbrook House Hotel (The Grange), Eversley, RG27 0PL
Price: £375

Come and enjoy a fabulous weekend in Hampshire with one of the best textile tutors in the UK. Block Printing and Embellishments with Jamie Malden.

Terial Magic Spray

So what's all the magic about?   This product has been flying off our  shelves so I decided to have a look and see why. Terial Magic is a spray on fabric stabilizer that washes out of your garment, quilt or art after it's finished; - it stablizes the fabric so that you can use it a little bit like paper - so cutting out shapes such as feathers or petals to create designs with your fabric scraps becomes very easy - how about giving this idea a try (pic taken from issue 41 of Homemaker);   Terial Magic Spray: - has been created to prevent the fabric from fraying for 3D textile art - Stabilizes fabric ready for embroidery - even stretchy fabrics and then just washes out.

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Magna Carta Quilts on display at Guildford Cathedral

Paula Doyle joined myself and the boys from Communicate TV and showed us round the finished quilts -they are really amazing.   8 of them plus a backing mosaic representing the River Thames.     Sponsorship is still needed so if you would like to have a square embroidered, click here for more details. The film will be coming to the website shortly.

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Filming with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

We were joined today by Kathleen who loves to free machine embroidery using chiffon and gauze and water soluable stuff to create 3D flowers as well as cut-work.     Amazing work and you will be able to enjoy workshops with her soon here on the site. For more information about Kathleen visit her own website: www.kathleenlaurelsage.com  

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Out & About on the Site

Today we join the London Quilters at the opening ceremony of their biennial exhibition called ‘Coming Home’;  the exhibition runs through until 4th January at the Swiss Cottage Library in London NW3.   You will see that Tracy Chevalier (author and quilter) was there to do the official speech and we were excited to be able to interview her about her own very first quilt – which is also on display at the exhibition.

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Filming date with Kate Crossley

Spent a really lovely day yesterday with Matt & Dave at Kate's house filming some of the great textile work that she creates;  We also got to take a long good look at the wonderful Grandfather Clock she made and entered into the Quilt Creations section of Festival of Quilts 2014     (thanks to Robert Crossley for the picture) - for which she won the 1st prize - which you will see was/is well deserved.

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Pizza Topping a success

I have just watched Valerie Nesbitt’s demonstration on making a Pizza Topping with scraps.What a very useful idea, I shall certainly be more frugal with my left over bits and bobs. Thank you, Ann Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your pizza topping workshop! Great fun. Jo and now Linda Seward has shown us how to create Confetti Applique.

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Linda Seward, London Quilters, Tracey Chevalier

What connects all three?  Well the current exhibition by London Quilters being held at the Swiss Cottage Libary  London NW3 entitled 'Coming Home';  Tracey was the guest at the official opening of the exhibition (see events page for fuller details  but it runs until 4th Jan 2015).   Justhands-on.tv were there with Dave and Matt manning the technical equipment and Linda played hostess round the exhibition.

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Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles

This group, that meets 4 times a year, were kind enough to ask me to give a talk based on my business experience in opening and running Creative Quilting, the quilt shop just outside London, which I founded back in 1989 (25 years ago now!) and more recently with Justhands-on.tv

I went armed with lots of quilts, which in fact proved to be a social history lesson in patchwork over the last 50 years or so!!!

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World Quilt Show USA Winner from the UK

Christine Porter is the British Coordinator for the World Quilt Show,  which takes place in the USA every year, This year she had 28 entries and she is thrilled to say that a British quilter (from Bristol) called Stephanie Crawford won the Best of the World award for her fabulous quilt, ‘A Chinese Journey in Three Parts’ - see below: She won $2,000.

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A wander round Festival of Quilts 2014

Over 800 quilts to see but helping on the Creative Quilting stand  meant that time to enjoy this was limited:  two of the winning entries that caught my eye was the Traditional Quilt category won by Philippa Naylor – stunning appliqué and free motion quilting. and the Quilt creations category won by an amazing grandfather clock  - so much detail that you would need a whole day to look at this properly; this category was sponsored by Vivebooks who are the publishers of a new E-book by Chris Porter entitled Sensational Circle Quilts.

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