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What did they get up to at our early November Quilting weekend?

By Maggie Colpus, Event Co-ordinator. What a weekend. [...]

A Quilting Weekend in Buckinghamshire, April 2020

Date: 4 - 5 April 2020
Location: Denham Grove Hotel, Denham, Bucks
Price: £375

Spend two days with Janet Clare working on an amazing quilt

Janet Clare

With over 25 years as a textile designer and teacher, Janet regularly hosts talks and workshops, focusing on the design process and creative techniques she uses - - especially drawing with your sewing machine and free motion machine appliqué.

Is a non-stick craft mat the same as an applique mat?

In reply to your question I am not familiar with the craft product that Create & Craft sell;  however I can tell you that the Applique mat we sell in the shop is see-through so that you can use it to position your pieces accurately;  if the pieces are coated in Heat n Bond (or similar fusing web) they will stil to each other but not the mat -although you may have to let the mat cool a little.

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What to do about the layers in hand applique

Question: I am trying to do an applique flower it has abour 4 layers, including the back ground fabric, would it be better to applique 2 layers first, then do 2 on there own, and then attach it to the first 2 layers? as when i do the 4 altogether l am finding it hard to get the needle to go through all 4 layers.i am hand stitching the design.thank-you this is my first attempt at this so am very green on the best way to do this. Thank-you for any advice Sandra   Answer from Valerie: The easiest way to do this layered flower is to put the first piece down - i.e.

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