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Jennie Rayment

Jennie is a world renown quilt teacher, lecturer, author of nine quilt books and numerous patterns. From Houston to Qatar, Durban to Melbourne, Auckland and many other international cities, Jennie has wowed them all with her superb teaching style and hilarious lectures all laced with wit, charm and professional expertise.

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Anita Birtles

Teaching and sharing her designs and embroidery techniques is Lorna’s passion. She loves all forms of 3-dimensional, raised and textured embroidery and tries to encompass as many of these in her designs as possible.

Tilda Bag from Panduro Hobby

Val:   This is a super little workshop sponsored by Panduro Hobby and filmed at Creative Quilting in E.Molesey, Surrey.   The bag comes from the Tilda book Tilda's Summer Ideas and is one of a large range of extremely appealing books full of 3D and easy home-dec ideas. Valerie Nesbitt and Alex Planidin of Panduro Hobby  on location at Creative Quilting.

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