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Paula Doyle

About Paula

Paula Doyle is an author, award winning quilter and tutor.

Born in Massachussetts, Paula spent her childhood in Brazil, the daughter of Methodist Missionary teachers. Her mother taught her how to use a sewing machine at the age of nine, and she made her first patchwork cushion at the age of ten under instruction from her maternal grandmother.  She learned how to quilt by making a sampler quilt in a class at La Maison de Calico, a quilt shop in Pointe Claire, Quebec.

One of the things she likes best is designing complex looking quilts which are made using simplified techniques to make them achievable and enjoyable to every quilter.  She loves traditional patterns as well as modern quilts, and loves using new tools and materials to make the job simpler and more enjoyable.

She has written 2 books – Mini Mosaic Quilts, all about making small scale quilts and blocks with a fantastic easy piecing technique, and Easy Stack Quilts all about making easy kaleidoscopic quilts using large scale printed fabrics.

In 2013 she was approached to design and create a quilt project to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. This resulted in the formation of the Magna Carta Quilt Association, which produced a series of 8 quilts for the anniversary festivities. The Magna Carta Quilts have since been on display in Houston and Chicago as well as other venues around the UK.

There’s no doubt that Paula Doyle loves quilts.  She has been a full time quilter now for over 25 years, and she enjoy all aspects of quiltmaking, from hand piecing to machine quilting to the history of quiltmaking.  She teaches quilting classes, design, and makes quilts and quilt patterns in her garden studio, in Surrey, England.

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Signature Technique

Making small scale quilts and blocks

Paula’s Top Tips

  • Stitch in place a few times before setting off slowly to avoid jagged lines with free motion.
  • Fat quarters have less calories than a chocolate bar.
  • Use freezer paper to create your own unique template


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