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The All-Year English Garden by Oakshott Fabrics

Our fascination with gardens knows no bounds. We admire them from indoors or at close quarters whilst tending them, and we yearn for leisure time to drink in their delights. Oakshott Fabrics now has a new range of fabrics. The 'All-Year English Garden' range brings the garden and its colours inside, whatever the season.

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Kate Percival’s Quilting Treasure Trove, Henley

31st May to 12th June. Warehouse open: Monday to Friday 10am until 4pm. Special Sunday opening,: 1st May, 10am until 4pm
This is an exhibition of work and designs by our talented friend, Kate Percival at Lady Sew and Sew Farm Road, Henley on Thames, Oxon, RG9 1EJ. 
For more information contact Lady Sew and Sew: Tel: 01491 572528 / Email : info@ladysewandsew.co.uk

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A Recycling Weekend in Buckinghamshire , November 2020

Date:21 - 22 November 2020
Location: Denham Grove Hotel, Denham, Bucks
Price: £375

Two great tutors to choose from - Paula Doyle and Sallieann Harrison - for two days of Recycling inspiration

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An Embroidery Weekend in Surrey, November 2020

Date:7 8 November 2020
Location: The Hog’s Back Hotel & Spa, Farnham, Surrey

Two great tutors to choose from for two days of Embroidery inspiration. You can choose either hand embroidery with Niamh Wimperis or machine embroidery with Anja Townrow

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A Patchwork Weekend in Hampshire, October 2020

Date: 17 -18 October 2020
Location: Langstone Quays Resort, Hayling Island
Price: £395

Come along for two days of Patchwork and Quilting inspiration at this popular weekend retreat. Three great tutors - Sarah Soward, Pauline Bolt and Valerie Nesbitt - with great quilts to choose from.

A Bargello Weekend in Surrey, October 2020

Date: 3 - 4 October 2020
Location: The Hog’s Back Hotel & Spa, Farnham, Surrey

Create your own amazingly easy Bargello quilt over the weekend with Sue Thornborough

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What did they get up to at our early November Quilting weekend?

By Maggie Colpus, justhands-on.tv Event Co-ordinator. What a weekend. [...]

Quilt Now Readers’ Makes Competition Winner – Issue 65

Quilt Now magazine love to see what their readers have been making. This months Star Make winner for Issue 65, was Alison.She renamed Sarah Ashford’s quilt from issue 61 to Hearts and Kisses and made a colourful wedding gift for her niece. The hearts and kisses are pieced with characterful fabric designed by her friend and designer Amanda Jane Ogden!! Congratulations Alison, and enjoy your year's subscription with justhands-on.tv

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Subscriber Giveaway for August 2019 – Libs Elliott ‘Greatest Hits’ Fat Quarter Bundle from Creative Quilting

Sorry this competition is now closed. If you love these Libs Elliott fabrics check out our Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Nickel Packs in the Shop

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Quilt Now #64: New Skills at justhands-on.tv retreats

Quilt Now Magazine are excited as we are about our remaining 2019 retreats. Their latest magazine has a lovely article about our retreats which encourages you to learn something new and enjoy some quality sewing time.

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How long are my strips for the 40 minute quilt?

How do I calculate the length of my strips? Answer: The 40 minute quilt is made up from scrap strips, each cut 2.5" wide by whatever length your material is. Valerie joined lots together to get her quilt top. In order to work out how long you want you need to think about the size you want to create  and will there be borders? - if not then the calculation goes like this: For each strip sewn it will become 2" wide and if you want it to be 40" in the other direction then just divide the size - say 60" by 2 = 30 strips at 40 This can also be made with a ready-bought jelly roll - just look at the number of strips in it.

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Jennie Rayment

Jennie is a world renown quilt teacher, lecturer, author of nine quilt books and numerous patterns. From Houston to Qatar, Durban to Melbourne, Auckland and many other international cities, Jennie has wowed them all with her superb teaching style and hilarious lectures all laced with wit, charm and professional expertise.

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