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How long are my strips for the 40 minute quilt?

How do I calculate the length of my strips? Answer: The 40 minute quilt is made up from scrap strips, each cut 2.5" wide by whatever length your material is. Valerie joined lots together to get her quilt top. In order to work out how long you want you need to think about the size you want to create  and will there be borders? - if not then the calculation goes like this: For each strip sewn it will become 2" wide and if you want it to be 40" in the other direction then just divide the size - say 60" by 2 = 30 strips at 40 This can also be made with a ready-bought jelly roll - just look at the number of strips in it.

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How many Jelly Rolls do I need to make the Mystery quilt?

What a good question - it actualy doesn't say BUT jelly rolls are usuallly considered to be at least 20 strips and often as many as 40;  if you have the larger version then you will have more options! Want to know more about the Mystery Quilt? click here:

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9 Supercool quilty things on the internet

Hi Val, Congratulations!! You are listed as #4 Super Cool Quilty Things on the Internet by Martingale.  Well done!!! Izzy 4. 40-Minute Scrap Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt   This is a great little twist on the 1600 Jelly Roll quilt that is so popular right now—except that you don’t need to use a Jelly Roll! Just use 2½" strips that you’ve cut from your own scraps.

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Tote-it-all Bag in production

Just to say a big thank you for the tote bag workshop.  I saw it yesterday afternoon and am now the proud owner of six new shopping bags. They were a great way of using up some very odd jelly rolls I bought on line and which had some very odd novelty prints in them.  However made up as bags they look great!

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40 Minute Scrap Quilt

Here is what one viewer who found it on Youtube said:   I LOVE this video. I wish everybody made quilting videos this way. thank you SO much for posting this video   Have you seen it yet?  click here   and here is mine finally quilted (and given as a gift!)  

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Simple Jelly Roll quilt with Sarah Soward

A quick and easy jellyroll project, designed by Sarah Soward, of Pauline's Patchwork and exclusive to;  this is perfect if you are snowed in - something to doAND it will keep you warm.   This will only run until 23rd January, so check it out now. If you aren't a subscriber then just follow the instructions that will appear on screen.

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