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Jane Czaja

About Jane

Jane has worked with crochet, knitting and fabric since childhood, with crochet being her special passion.

Jane works as a freelance technical editor for “Inside Crochet” magazine, where she checks patterns to make sure that they work.  She also contributes designs and patterns to the magazine.

Jane worked closely with Nicki Trench checking patterns and making up samples for her books.  You’ll find Jane’s name mentioned as part of the team just inside many of Nicki’s CICO books!

Jane is a popular tutor, running regular crochet workshops so others can learn and be inspired.  According to Jane, “I teach Crochet at all levels at my workshops and have designed many patterns for them. My latest design is a Stitch Sampler Booklet comprising 36 exciting stitch combos.”

Some of Jane’s patterns are already in the shop; others will be along soon.  You can also find examples of her published patterns as well as testimonials from her students on her website.

Find out more about Jane on Instagram as @janeccrochet and on Ravelry at www.ravelry.com/designers/jane-czaja

Click here for watch an interview with Jane where we get to see and learn about the variety of projects she is involved with – from her very first piece through to current day projects.


Signature Technique

Corner-to-Corner crochet and colourful patchwork designs

Jane’s Top Tips

  • Once you’ve mastered double crochet and treble stitches, you can crochet virtually any design!
  • Count the number of stitches at the end of each row.  It saves a lot of time in the long run.
  • If your starting chain is too tight, use a one size larger hook than the pattern states.  Then, change back to the correct hook on the foundation row.
  • When you use a lot of colours within a pattern, sew the ends in as you go.

Books and Patterns


Fiona Goble

Fiona teaches knitting and sewing classes, and is the author of several bestselling knitting books, including: Knit Your Own Dolls, Knitted Animal Nursery, Knitted Animal Cozies, Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts, and Socks.  She started writing knitting patterns because she couldn’t find any that she really liked.


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