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Kelley Aldridge

About Kelley

Kelley is keen to help people who have never done hand embroidery, to give it a go.

Kelley graduated from the RSN Apprenticeship in 2005 and went on to launch RSN Bristol.

She has grown a successful business in teaching, producing kits, and working private commissions mainly in the Bristol area.

Kelley is also involved with conservation and restoration projects. Recent restoration work includes the Redcliffe Cope for St. Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol and several 18th century samplers.

According to Kelley, “My work reflects my passion for stitching by hand – putting thread to needle and needle to fabric. I am inspired by the flowing shapes of the natural world as well as the amazing beauty of the human form. Taking great time and care, I create intricately stitched pieces using diverse materials including silk and gold, linen and leather, employing techniques that are often hundreds of years old.”

Kelley is well known for raised embroidery.  Her book, RSN Raised Embroidery, was published by Search Press in 2017.  It contains a complete grounding in raised embroidery stitches and techniques, three beautiful projects and galleries of inspiring work.

Her workshops are always full of helpful hints and tips.

Click here to see how Kelley wraps beads to create simple and beautiful berry embellishments.

Signature Technique

Raised Embroidery

Top Tips

  • Treat yourself to a seat frame and hoop so that both hands are free for stumpwork.
  • Bind the inner and outer ring on a hoop to protect fabric and keep tension across the fabric.
  • When threading a needle, take the eye of the needle to a small piece of the thread, not the thread to the needle.
  • Use cake decorating wire (#32) for shapes such as a leaf.
  • The size of a sharp needle and an embroidery needle are the same; the size of the hole is different.


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