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Carolyn Forster

Carolyn is an accomplished quilt maker, teacher and author of several books and patterns. Carolyn has been sewing quilts for over 20 years and just loves using up scraps. She is constantly inspired by vintage quilt blocks she finds on her travels and she brings them up-to-date with modern construction techniques – stitch n’ flip and Quilting on the Go are two of her favourites.

Does the size of the stitch matter for hand quilting?

No it's the even-ness that  is important and makes it look nice;   want to know more then you should give a few minutes to watching the workshop given by Paula Doyle for heirloom quilting: click here: For larger stitches, and utility quilting then Carolyn Forster has given us a couple of workshops:  Amish Waves and Big Stitch UtilityQuilting.

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Marking designs onto a dark fabric.

Do you have a favoured method of transferring quilting patterns? I have a dark sashing and I am finding it difficult to transfer on to it.   Answer: Yes dark colours are always a challenge;   I do mention some options in the video Quilting Your Quilt

and it depends a little on how complex the pattern is;  if its a real stencil pattern then I would use Quilt-and-Tear  but if its a simple pattern try the Hera marker (or scoring with the back of your scissors)

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Quilt as you Go option

What do you do if the quilt becomes too big to manage? Well quilt as you go is an option - and both Valerie and Carolyn Forster have methods you might like to try:   Valerie uses the machine and Carolyn works by hand: Here is the comment from Heather - I have also just re-watched your video on how to join a quilt as you go project using the machine instead of hand sewing.

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What do you do with the thread ends when you are finished quilting?

Well the threads can be knotted and then hidden in the wadding.  You can see how by watching Knotting Off Your Threads and here is what one happy viewer had to say:   I have just watched 'Knotting Off Your Threads' with Valerie and would like to say thank you for sharing such a great method. I was taking both threads to the back, tying them off and then weaving in the ends which seemed to take longer than the actual quilting!

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We reach 100 (with some help from Carolyn Forster)

filming days that is ! How great is that and since we film more than one workshop/event each day it means there are SEVERAL HUNDRED videos for you to enjoy! Had another great day yesterday filming in the studio where we were joined by Carolyn Forster;     she showed us how she marks her quilts ready for Big Stitch and Utility Quilting as well as Amish Waves and she showed us lots of wonderful examples too plus two delightful little workshops from her Sew Jelly Rolls Quilts and Gifts book:   all to come so keep watching.

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