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Anita Birtles

Anita loves the themes of recycle, reuse and no waste which has led her to scrap piecing projects as the main focus of her work. And she is keen to improvise in making quilts, so rarely follows a pattern.

Can I mitre the corners on my quilt?

Yes of course you can - BUT you need to be aware that you need more fabric at the corners to work with than you think you might - so not one to be attempted if you are short of fabric! You can also use more than one fabric - so a double or triple border with a mitre is also possible.

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Perfect Mitred Border Corners

I have just followed Valerie's instructions for my first mitred corner borders.  Wow, how easy is that!!  Big thank you.  My engineer husband has been saying for some time now that mitred corners would look so much better than straight stitching on borders, and he is right.  They aren't perfect, yet, but more practice will do the trick.

Kind regards, Nicola If you  too want to  follow Valerie - just click here:

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