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Jamie Malden

About Jamie

Jamie brings a refreshing, accessible and comprehensive range of textile art ideas to inspire people of all levels.

Jamie has a Master’s Degree in Art & Design, BEd (Hons) 2:1, and City & Guilds Machine Embroidery.

She founded and ran The Charterhouse Square, one of London’s top, independent Prep Schools for twenty four years. According to Jamie, “Everyone has something creative in them and I believe finding a creative channel is essential for a happy life for many of us. Whether as a head teacher, a business person or a film producer, I’ve found that bringing out the best in people needs encouragement, inspiration and creativity in equal measures. This is what makes me wake up happy every single day.”

With her lifelong passion for textiles, Jamie founded Colouricious in 2008.  Her goal with Colouricious is to inspire and teach people to create their own textile art by giving them the tools, techniques, skills and know-how.

Today, Colouricious is a leading source of inspiration for Textile Art & Crafts in the UK, producing a variety of textile art DVD’s, TV programs, craft supplies and events.  Colouricious also features many of Britain’s leading textile artists.

Jamie is on a mission to bring the world of textile arts and crafts to a wider audience.



Signature Technique

Block printing

Jamie’s Top Tips

  • Water based paints soak into fabric so you don’t feel the paint sitting on top of your fabric.
  • The same set of blocks can be used over and over again to create unique designs across different formats – from iPad covers to quilts.
  • When block printing on silk, use cotton underneath like a blotting paper to soak up extra paint.
  • An advantage of decolourant over bleach is that it won’t eat the fibres; plus, it is much healthier.
  • For the best result when Gelli printing, dab the paint on with a sponge to create the thinnest of layers.

Books and Patterns

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Filming day with Jamie Malden of Colouricious

We had a fascinating day filming some block printing workshops with Jamie Malden of Colouricious last week. As you can see from some of the pictures below (taken by our very own Matt), Jamie is a big fan of ethnic patterns and designs and hopes that she can inspire people to use modern methods with traditional techniques. The workshops will be coming to the site soon, but you could check out our Facebook page to catchup with our Facebook Live video that Dave filmed on the day as he has a chat with Jamie


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