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Jennie Rayment

Jennie is a world renown quilt teacher, lecturer, author of nine quilt books and numerous patterns. From Houston to Qatar, Durban to Melbourne, Auckland and many other international cities, Jennie has wowed them all with her superb teaching style and hilarious lectures all laced with wit, charm and professional expertise.

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New Year – New Filming day with Jennie Rayment and Paula Doyle

We had a fabulous day with two of our favourite contributors- Not only did we get some wonderful workshops out of everybody - but we can give you advance notice that Jennie and Paula are booked for a retreat Nov 24/25 2018 - SO SAVE THE DATE. We do know what they will be working on (and we have film to  prove it!) but the venue yet to be decided.

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Simply E-Z wth Jennie Rayment

Spent the day working with Jennie  - I was the quilt slave! - and she the presenter working on a series of 'how to use' videos for the E-Z company/Simplicity.   Had a very full and productive day and if you want to learn more about why we are  looking through the cut-out heart - you'll need to keep watching!

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Stripey with Jennie Rayment

Another fantastic filming day with Jennie; Here is the delightful quilt that she is going to share with us and which will be run as a series - probably two rows a month (still to work out the details!) .     The quilt is made from a selection of 36 x Fat 1/4m's which we will be able to offer you AND there is enough fabric left over to create the backing and do the binding - so excellent value; PLUS we will be offering you the opportunity of trying a new 80/20 wadding (well new to us and we love it!)   We hope to have the Promo film up soon so keep watching!!

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Filming with Jennie Rayment

Well it happened! We got a date in the diary when we could catch up with the ever-busy but very talented Jennie - and at one of our favourite studio venues - Marsh Farm Hotel at Royal Wootton Bassett - we have been there 21 times now!!   Great videos and workshops filmed, with both Jennie and myself contributing AND we found out about Jennie's new book- !!!

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Petals with Jennie Rayment

Take a look at the variation of Petal Play that Jennie created with the new black and white range of fabrics from Makower:     if you can't find these fabrics in your local store try

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New book by Jennie Rayment

Val:   Foldy Rolly Patchwork Pzzazz - as always a good read; twelve great projects and easy-to-follow pics at each stage with lots of colour (both in the projects and in the book!) and you can take advantage of a special introductory price together with free p&p within the UK as we have featured it as this month’s Book of the Month

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Tucks & Textures with Jennie Rayment

Val:  Under the new idea of new films each week, ready for the weekend you can see Jennie Rayment demonstrating how to work tucks and texture;  simple, honeycomb, add colour to the edges and much more. Also  a great interview with Mandy Shaw - did you know that she and Jennie had history?!?

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