Valerie has nearly 30 years of experience teaching patchwork and quilting classes so has a wide depth of patchwork knowledge. She also founded Creative Quilting, a quilt quilt shop in Hampton Court, where she still teaches to this day. She loves to work with quick and easy patterns particularly those linked to rotary cutting and the sewing machine.  She is also able to guide those who like to create projects more slowly (even by hand!) to create an heirloom piece.

Valerie has recently become a YouTube celebrity with over 3 million views, from around the globe, of her “40 minute scrap quilt” tutorial.  Click here to see this popular video.

To learn more about Valerie – – from using the first rotary cutters to running an online TV channel – – have a read of this article from Popular Patchwork where Valerie Nesbitt talks to Elizabeth Betts about her quilting career,

Signature Technique:

Using colour scraps to create a beautiful quilt…in as little as 40 minutes!

Valerie’s Top Tips:

– Use acrylic templates and the rotary cutter to cut quickly and accurately.
– Do whatever is necessary to achieve accurate 1/4 inch seams. You’ll have fewer headaches!
– Don’t make your project too big or too complicated so that you are daunted by it.
– Enjoy the process; it doesn’t have to be perfect. Indeed, finished is better than perfect.