Patchwork Pizza Topping with Valerie Nesbitt

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Patchwork Pizza Topping with Valerie Nesbitt

or how to use up those small and tiny bits to great effect that you might otherwise pop in the bin.


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Recycling tiny patchwork scraps

Have you ever looked into your patchwork bin and thought how lovely all those bits looked?  far too small to do anything with you might think;  well certainly too small to sew together but here is a great way to use them and create a piece that is unique.

Valerie shows you how easy it is to bond these pieces, some of which could be the tiny ‘ears’ that get cut off your patchwork triangles, or indeed those smaller triangles from your stitch ‘ n flip patchwork, to which you could add pieces of thead too – after all those colours are really lovely.

You can learn more about Removing your thread safely (which is a great tip from Jennie Rayment) when you click here:

You can learn more about Mini Mosaics tiles from Paula Doyle when you click here:

To learn more about Stitch n Flip patchwork, use the quick search

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