Straight stitch fused applique with Valerie Nesbitt

///Straight stitch fused applique with Valerie Nesbitt

Straight stitch fused applique with Valerie Nesbitt

This is the modern way of tackling applique – no turned edges.


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This is the modern way of tackling applique where there are no turned edges – you just trace, cut out and fuse with the iron; but then you do need to do some stitching and this is another in the series from Valerie covering the options open to you.

The simple straight stitching can be done on smaller projects with the open toed applique foot but on larger projects you probably need to give the free-motion stitching a try.

Valerie shows you how to do this and gives you some tips about other things to think about:  such as the thread you use – and also to get in the habit of NOT turning the work but going backwards!

Jessie is a pattern from the Don’t Look Now series which can be used very effectively with scraps and/or jelly rolls ( 2 1/2″ strips would work a treat).

There are other Don’t Look Now patterns now available through the shop – check out the linked products below

We have  other workshops in the series, that cover such things as blanket stitch and satin stitch applique  and the 3D workshop called Inner City


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