Thangles Sampler with Flurry Fabrics with Valerie Nesbitt

///Thangles Sampler with Flurry Fabrics with Valerie Nesbitt

Thangles Sampler with Flurry Fabrics with Valerie Nesbitt

This 12 block quilt is easy to make and is made more interesting by having the blocks set on point.


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Valerie talks you through how to make this lovely sampler quilt;  designed by The Thangles company the blocks use simple squares and half-square triangle units (which as so very easy to make with their one-strip method )   using 2.5inch strips throughout the blocks,  and then these blocks are set on point;   there are also large plain squares to off-set the pieced blocks, and then setting triangles and corner triangles and finally a double mitred border;   you get useful advice from Valerie on all of these and the pattern comes complete with all the Thangles papers you will need (and more in fact!)

So you just need to raid your stash; or select a jely roll that you have been wanting to find a reason to break into.

The qult finished approx 53″ wide x 67″ long – so a very manageable size.

We have also arranged with Creative Quilting to be able to offer you a kit so that you can enjoy using this lovely range of Flurry Fabrics designed by Dashwood – and you can make your quilt just like Valerie’s!

To learn more about mitred corners – you can join Valerie by clicking here.

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