Super Quick 13 Minute Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

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Super Quick 13 Minute Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

How easy is making a quilt top, even if you have no much time or sewing space! In just 13 minutes!


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Made quickly (in just 13 minutes!) and easily using four Fat 1/4’s cut into large squares, Valerie talks you through the how to to create this lovely quilt top. She shares tips about the ironing, and if you lay your fabric in the right order at this point, you have already started your design process.

Then lay out the squares in a simple design sequence, just 4 squares across x 4 squares down. Valerie shows you a neat trick on how to store these if the family suddenly want your design space back for eating, and then how quick these are to sew together, just three vertical seams no pins, and then 3 horizontal seams, but these will need a few pins, just 3 per row.

13 minutes later you have a quilt top.

This quilt top finishes approx 40 inches (approx 1m) square and while you might not think that big enough, think about making more than one, because four will make a double quilt. Or increase the size to 40″ x 60″ by adding two more rows, that will require 2 more fat 1/4’s of fabric.

Valerie chose to finish the earlier quilt with quick wavy quilting, which you can see here.

Binding then took another fat quarter of fabric.

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