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Modern Triangle Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

This delightful easy-to-make quilt will have you checking your stash and pre-cuts.


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This modern quilt is very typical of most modern quilts. A simple shape combines with lots of background so that the beauty of the fabrics are also highlighted.

Made with half-square triangles and strips it’s really easy. The Thangles company have put together a pattern, which comes complete with the papers. This means that you can make the half-square triangle units quickly and more importantly accurately. You can find Modern Triangles pattern from Thangles in our website.

You would use the papers with precuts – charm packs at 5″ or you could cut up your layer cake.

Valerie used a charm pack of 20 squares, which gave her 40 little units. The quilt is reasonably small and here it is all finished and quilted using the walking foot and simple straight lines.

If you want to make your own from stash, then you can use the method such as fast and accurate halfsquare triangles. Here you sew either side of a diagonal line that is drawn on the back on the lighter pair of fabrics: click here to learn more.

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