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Humbug bag with Valerie Nesbitt

This is such a great idea you will be making LOTS to give and to use yourself.


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Guide sizes for fabric:

Small – with 9” zip  – 10” x 7”

Medium – with 12” zip – 13” x 9”

Large – with 14” zip – 15” x 11”

this is a note of the basic sewing sequence:

Fabric needs to be the depth of the zip you are going to use

If you are going to prequilt or add stabilizer you need to do that first

Install zip – either exposed lace or hidden regular

Decide on which edge the hanger is going to be and fix into place  – or this could be attached to the zipper pull.

Stitch along bottom edge which is flat – avoid the metal bits of the zip

Form top edge into a peak and stitch

NB: make sure the zip is open!!!!

Avoid the metal bits of the zip

For more detailed information click here:

These are really a great idea and once you have made one you will be inspired to make them in lots of different sizes, and finishes.

Valerie guides you through some of the pitfalls to avoid and also shows you how lovely the new lace zips are – they get sewn onto the top of the fabric rather than being hidden inside.

If you have a youngster who is competent on the sewing machine, then they will love these too;   this is just one of the many that young Anna made!


4_anna-humbug-3 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie


See also

for more ideas as well as supplies of lace zips.

If lace zips are not available in your local quilt shop you can also try Creative Quilting

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