Using Mini simplicity templates with Valerie Nesbitt

///Using Mini simplicity templates with Valerie Nesbitt

Using Mini simplicity templates with Valerie Nesbitt

These work really well with 2.5 inch strips of fabric and/or jellly rolls and make for perfect small patchwork – finished block size is 6″


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These mini templates are made to be used with the rotary cutter and work perfectly with 2.5 inch strips of fabric  – so scraps from your stash; left overs from your jelly rolls; or indeed a whole jelly roll.

The triangle templates have been cleverly designed  with a flat top (or bottom) or indeed one end which means that they fit perfectly on the same bit of fabric as you would cut your square from – so no need for any maths!

If you would like more information on how the dresden plate template works, you can see Valerie use the larger size version with a Grandmother’s fan block by clicking here:

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