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Take Nine with Valerie Nesbitt

Fat 1/4’s that is. A lovely design to use up those bundles of fabrics you couldn’t resist at the show/quilt shop.This is part of our Throwback Thursday programme where we revisit films from our archives.


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Use up your stash

No need to worry too much about the fabrics for this pattern – if your 9 fat 1/4’s look lovely together they will be great in the quilt.   And it doesn’t matter if these are Fat 1/4’s from metres (as in Europe) or Fat 1/4s from yards (as in the USA) – you can still manage.

Rotary Cutting Practice:

Great for beginners since the sewing is easy; and Valerie also guides you through layer cutting with the rotary cutter – a job it was designed to do so that you have lots of accurately cut pieces quickly.

Border Options

The pattern comes in two different size blocks -but the overall design remains the same;  and Valerie also gives you some alternative ideas for borders:  Piano Keys and/or the use of the flat piping.

Mixing it up.

If you would like to know more about the Layer Cake shuffle – click here – it’s a very simple but effective way of changing the location of the various fabrics without tying yourself up in alternatives!

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