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Rotary Rulers and cutting Equipment with Valerie

Valerie gives you some insight into the type of equipment available and what to look for – particularly if you are left handed.

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Rotary cutting has become an essential part of today’s patchwork and quilting as it means that you can cut several layers of fabric, quickly and accurately which in turn means that you can get to the fun bit of sewing so much faster!!

There are many makes of ruler, square templates and other template shapes as well as rotary cutting equipment that are all designed to do this and keep you (your fingers and hands particularly!) safe; however if you are left handed then you need to pay attention! – not everything works for you.

This also applies to the rotary cutting mats – so have a look and see – some count from only one end and some from both (which can also be a problem in it’s own right and brings to mind, count twice and cut once!)

In this video Valerie talks you through some of the options; what you need to look out for and also gives some helpful tips on using a newly designed square ruler that works for both left handed and right handed people.

We hope you find it useful.

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