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Two Sided Quilts with Valerie Nesbitt

Valerie Nesbitt shares with you some ideas for turning two quilt tops into one quilt.


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Valerie loves to sew. Like many patchworkers she really enjoys making the tops. Valerie gives you some ideas and shows what she has been up sewing during lockdown.

Here are some things to think about:

  • When combining two tops, they need to be roughly the same size. Do remember that the back and wadding are going to be bigger than the one that is designated ‘the front’.
  • Think about the quilting pattern that will be used as it needs to be compatible with both designs.
  • Think about the thread you use and where, as the thread in the bobbin will show on the reverse of the quilt.

The final quilt that Valerie shows uses two single-patch units such as the tumbler unit and the stitch-n-flip unit. Other single units you could use are hexagons, squares and rectangles.

Valerie took the opportunity to use up 5″ pre-cut squares, and also masses of 2.5″ strips that had been accumulating. If you have’t seen the 40 minute quilt, you can see by clicking here.

For more ideas about Stitch’n’Flip you could try the Star Snowball or the Rainbow workshops.

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