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How long are my strips for the 40 minute quilt?

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How do I calculate the length of my strips? Answer: The 40 minute quilt is made up from scrap strips, each cut 2.5" wide by whatever length your material is. Valerie joined lots together to get her quilt top. In order to work out how long you want you need to think about the size you want to create  and will there be borders? - if not then the calculation goes like this: For each strip sewn it will become 2" wide and if you want it to be 40" in the other direction then just divide the size - say 60" by 2 = 30 strips at 40 This can also be made with a ready-bought jelly roll - just look at the number of strips in it.

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To mark or not to mark your quilt.

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We are talking about quilting here;  and I have always thought that if I can avoid adding any marking lines to my quilt that's the best option - nothing to remove and therefore worry about. However in today's world and if, like me, you can't draw, then marking can become necessary and there are many marking pencils and pens and chalks on the market for us to choose from - the latest of which are the Frixion Pens.

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Do you struggle with accurate piecing?

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Here are a couple of tips which I hope you will find useful: You do need to make sure that when you have two pieces of fabric being sewn together that they start and top together - don't assume that the machine will do that for you because the way the machine works is the top fabric is being pushed towards you and the bottom fabric being pulled away from you;  this 'drag' varies on the machine and on the fabrics you are using and a little with the foot you are using.   So always hold onto the fabric with a pin or with your hands until you have sewn right to the bottom and if you are using a thread catcher, this will encourage you to do this.

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Have I done enough quilting?

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Modern waddings do not need to be as densely quilted as vintage quilts used to be - that's why the older quilts are quilted approx every 1"; check with the paperwork/washing instructions that come with your wadding but usually today's option is approx 7-10" apart. Question: I have quilted each (log cabin)  block on the diagonal to make squares with the quilting line (does that make sense?).

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I want to make a cot quilt – where do I start?

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You need to start with the fabric: some for the top, wadding for the middle and backing fabric; The wadding and backing fabric should be the same size as each other AND they should be larger than the top fabric, by approx 4" all the way round. Layer together with pins or tacking ready for quilting. see layer quilt and bind Click here: You need to quilt the sandwich either by hand or machine: if you plan to work by machine you have two options: free motion:  Jennie has a couple of workshops on the website - the first is free motion embroidery - but don't be put off by the title - it will help

and then the second is about free motion quilting: or using the walking foot.:  this is really easy to use as it is just another foot and just sews, but fitting it can be a bit of a trick, so here is some help:click here and then you can sew in straight lines or use simple wavy stitching as suggested by Valerie.

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Can I mitre the corners on my quilt?

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Yes of course you can - BUT you need to be aware that you need more fabric at the corners to work with than you think you might - so not one to be attempted if you are short of fabric! You can also use more than one fabric - so a double or triple border with a mitre is also possible.

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What can I use to hold up my quilt sandwich when basting?

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If you are using the basting gun it is so much easier to have the quilt sandwich lifted up from the surface;  there used to be a basting grate that could be purchased, but this seems to be a thing of the past; a tip from one viewer is to use the cake cooling tray, and another uses an upturned plastic cutlery tray - just a couple of lateral thinking ideas!

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What sewing machine would you recommend for a 6 year old.

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Question: Can anyone advise me on a suitable electric beginners sewing machine for my 6 year old grand daughter who wants to appliqué and quilt!  Help please!

Many thanks Answer: How great that you have the next generation so interested.   Two of my ladies have children also sewing and they have started them off with a small machine, around £100 I think;  if you buy something cheaper they will often not have the grown up options of applique and quilting - so you should check that she won't outgrow whatever you purchase too quickly.

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Heat Resistant Fabric – where can I buy it.

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This is available in small quantities from our own shop - the amount is perfect to making another Iron caddy Tote: click here; To enjoy the video on how to make the Iron Caddy Tote, click here: but if you want more/larger pieces then you can purchase it directly from Creative Quilting. wwwcreativequilting.co.uk.  

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How do I quilt the 40 minute scrap quilt?

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Would it look ok if to do it at an angle? Answer: Good question - it will look already whatever you do as it's really scrappy;  I took the easy option of quilting with wavey lines (and my walking foot)
over every other seam with a thread that was tonal/varigated.   If you quilt on the diagonal be aware that this is on the bias and you won't want the quilt to distort.

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To wash or not to wash your fabric ?

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In today's world of pre-cuts pre-washing your fabric is not always possible; Question: Some time ago you had a little talk with Jenny about the pro's and con's of washing or not washing patchwork cotton material.this means I do know that it appears to be an individual choice.---- However, I found that the limpness and the sometimes distorted outcome of the washed material quite a challenge when doing small precision pieces.
Spray starch is also not the answer, as it invariably is not applied equally over the fabric.
I really do not feel like washing any more except where the material has either been from an old garment/article or it is soiled.
Have you got any kind of advise I might have so far overlooked?

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Rail Fence -what happens when I use more fabrics?

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Here is a comment from one of our viewers: Made your rail fence with 4 strips but the pattern did not work out for 2 reasons. Firstly my dominant colour was second so didn't make the zigzag pattern. Secondly I used 2  similar fabrics so they got lost.
It would be helpful to say the dominant colour(s) look best in first or fourth position.

I've undone the 9 squares and managed to replace a strip so my dominant colour is first and am now really happy with the block.

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Is a non-stick craft mat the same as an applique mat?

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In reply to your question I am not familiar with the craft product that Create & Craft sell;  however I can tell you that the Applique mat we sell in the shop is see-through so that you can use it to position your pieces accurately;  if the pieces are coated in Heat n Bond (or similar fusing web) they will stil to each other but not the mat -although you may have to let the mat cool a little.

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