Modern waddings do not need to be as densely quilted as vintage quilts used to be – that’s why the older quilts are quilted approx every 1″; check with the paperwork/washing instructions that come with your wadding but usually today’s option is approx 7-10″ apart.


I have quilted each (log cabin)  block on the diagonal to make squares with the quilting line (does that make sense?). Each square is about 11 inches. There isn’t any quilting to anchor each square in the middle? Will that be ok?


you should anchor about 7″ apart- any gap larger than that could sag when it gets washed.  If you don’t want to add more lines of quilting could you tie it;  or add a button – or similar which would make it a feature quickly and easily (we have a section of tying your quilt) or does your machine do single motives as part of it’s clever stitching – you could  maybe use these.