In today’s world of pre-cuts pre-washing your fabric is not always possible;


Some time ago you had a little talk with Jenny about the pro’s and con’s of washing or not washing patchwork cotton material.this means I do know that it appears to be an individual choice.—- However, I found that the limpness and the sometimes distorted outcome of the washed material quite a challenge when doing small precision pieces.
Spray starch is also not the answer, as it invariably is not applied equally over the fabric.
I really do not feel like washing any more except where the material has either been from an old garment/article or it is soiled.
Have you got any kind of advise I might have so far overlooked?


I know what you mean about washing fabric;  for me I make too many quilts and use lots of pre-cuts so pre-washing isn’t an option;  I do colour test any fabric, though, that I think might be causing a problem later when the quilt itself gets washed – and this is easy to do by putting a small piece of the fabric into water and then blotting it onto white kitchen roll – you can then see if it bleeds and warn the recipient to add a dye catcher into the wash!!!

Also rather than starch there is a product called ‘Best Press’ which gives the fabric a certain robustness – can be used sparingly – gets that middle seam crease out of the fabrics and doesn’t leave any dandruff when you iron;  I love it and it is readily available from my favourite store – Creative Quilting (and it comes in flavours too !)


The debate continues!!!!!