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What can I use to hold up my quilt sandwich when basting?

If you are using the basting gun it is so much easier to have the quilt sandwich lifted up from the surface;  there used to be a basting grate that could be purchased, but this seems to be a thing of the past; a tip from one viewer is to use the cake cooling tray, and another uses an upturned plastic cutlery tray - just a couple of lateral thinking ideas!

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A wander round Festival of Quilts 2014

Over 800 quilts to see but helping on the Creative Quilting stand  meant that time to enjoy this was limited:  two of the winning entries that caught my eye was the Traditional Quilt category won by Philippa Naylor – stunning appliqué and free motion quilting. and the Quilt creations category won by an amazing grandfather clock  - so much detail that you would need a whole day to look at this properly; this category was sponsored by Vivebooks who are the publishers of a new E-book by Chris Porter entitled Sensational Circle Quilts.

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Frixion Pens – the debate goes on.

Question: Have you ever used the Frixion pen and would you consider it safe to use on any fabric that will take the heat? I know we will have to test a sample of it but it seems to go against the grain to heat to remove, after all we use heat to set the Microtex pens! Answer: Bear in mind that these pens were not originally designed for use by quilters - we have adopted them!
I have not used these pens at all but Jennie has and mentions them in one of our videos;  her word of caution is that they are re-activated by the cold - this could be through the postal service or through air conditioning.

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What rotary cutting equipment should you buy?

This is such a personal choice it's difficult to answer however there are a few things to think about that might help: Are you left handed? If so be sure that the rotary cutter works for you - most work both both right and left handed people but not all. What about the ruler? Well this should be a companion piece to your board - make sure that the ruler works across your board  in both directions (i.e.

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Needlepunch wadding

Question: Having watched the video for folded Japanese  items, can you please inform me where  I can buy needle punch wadding. Answer: most good quilt shops should have needlepunched (polyester;  however you can always get it from my friends at CreativeQuilting

I believe it is 60" wide

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Sew Easy’ Curve and Square ruler

Question: have been trying to find some instructions for a very old 'Sew Easy' Curve and Square ruler.  They still seem to be available on line, but I cannot find the instructions anywhere.  My originals were on the back of the packet and this got thrown away. Answer: Sew Easy range is distributed by Groves in the UK. There is a helpline number for local stockists etc that you can contact: 01453 883581, or e: They do have two curve rulers in the range: Curve Ruler NL4196 which is size 13 7/8 x 7 3/8”  - it has a curved edge to the left and a straight edge to the right, includes metric and imperial measurements and detailed instructions and illustrations for use.

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Where can you buy an extension table for your machine?

Sometimes sewing machines come with small extension/quilting tables; Velerie's Bernina 1130 did and if you have a Janome with a quilting package then they will too.   The table is very useful for keeping the fabric flat and particularly useful when machine quilting. If you don't have one then The Cotton Patch have an efficient and cost effective relationship with a US manufacturer to provide extension tables (in a mixture of sizes) for most machines - older and new.   You can contact them at

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How to cut a 10″ square

How do I cut a 10" square with my ruler?! Answer: To cut a 10" square with your ruler (and I assume your board) try:
either 2 rulers to make up the 10" and cut a strip: OR use your square ruler: OR cut a 10" strip using the board to count and then cut across in the opposite direction (as you would smaller squares) but again using the board to count -
NB:  ALWAYS put your fabric to zero on the board and not to 1" !!

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Does the Microtak gun make holes in the quilt?

Well its a yes and a no;  the original gun did have HUGE tags that made really nasty holes and I refused to use or stock them (I owned a quilt shop at the time);  however the current generation has a much smaller needle and tiny tags which hold the layers better since we have moved to flatter wadding and don't make holes in the fabric.  I use them all the time and despite having several 000 in each box seem to be constantly running out!!!!

TIP:   do invest in a tack remover as well as this will keep your quilt safe from little snips from your scissors and also stop you being tempted to use your best scissors to remove them (and spoil your scissors) NB:  all these products are in the shop

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Mini Mosaics – can you buy the grid separately?

I just thought I would let you know that Paula now has this in packets to sell at £5 plus p&p and is on our site in the shop now: Mini Mosaics Grid Pack
the grid is for 1" giving ½” finished and 1 ½” giving 1" finished   If you are interested in seeing the video on Mini Mosaics with Paula Doyle click here

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Marking designs onto a dark fabric.

Do you have a favoured method of transferring quilting patterns? I have a dark sashing and I am finding it difficult to transfer on to it.   Answer: Yes dark colours are always a challenge;   I do mention some options in the video Quilting Your Quilt

and it depends a little on how complex the pattern is;  if its a real stencil pattern then I would use Quilt-and-Tear  but if its a simple pattern try the Hera marker (or scoring with the back of your scissors)

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Fusible Wadding

I have purchased fusible wadding for a wall hanging made yesterday, but it came off a roll and there were no instructions.  Do I just layer up with my project back and front and iron on?   Answer: I seem to recall that a good press will adhere the wadding BUT a gentle iron will add to the fusion; so see what works!

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