You need to start with the fabric: some for the top, wadding for the middle and backing fabric;

The wadding and backing fabric should be the same size as each other AND they should be larger than the top fabric, by approx 4″ all the way round.

Layer together with pins or tacking ready for quilting.

see layer quilt and bind Click here:

You need to quilt the sandwich either by hand or machine:

if you plan to work by machine you have two options:

free motion:  Jennie has a couple of workshops on the website – the first is free motion embroidery – but don’t be put off by the title – it will help

and then the second is about free motion quilting:

or using the walking foot.:  this is really easy to use as it is just another foot and just sews, but fitting it can be a bit of a trick, so here is some help:click here

and then you can sew in straight lines or use simple wavy stitching as suggested by Valerie.

When quilted, you should complete the quilt by binding it.