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Itsy Bits and Wonky Strips with Paula Doyle

Idea from Paula on how to use your fabric bits and make a quilt without the need for precision.


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This is a great idea from Paula that works with straightforward sewing – no need to worry about seam allowance or edges! As with many scrap quilt projects a little bit of pre-sorting will make life easier  and save you time. As you will see, Paula just uses two containers. One is a bucket, so no special equipment needed there either.

If you plan to add sashing between the blocks, then Paula has another great suggestion. She says how about using one of your embroidery stitches and variegated thread to give it a bit of a zing? Don’t forget that you should use your walking foot. Often they don’t like going backwards, so select a pattern that just moves forwards (and it will be better to do a test on a spare piece before working on your precious quilt).

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