By Steve Barton, CEO

How many of these videos have you watched?

The viewing figures have been collected. Here is your list of the Top 10 most viewed videos in 2022.

Watch an old favourite or try something new.

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#10 How to Make a Secret Pillow with Valerie Nesbitt

A first appearance in the Top 10 list for this inspiring workshop. In this video, Valerie turns her Beginners Sampler Quilt into a Secret Cushion. Perhaps the loveliest part of this is that when the quilt is in use, the cushion becomes a perfect spot to slip your feet into!  WATCH NOW

#9 Easy Stack Quilts from Paula Doyle

A return to the Top 10 for Paula’s Easy Stack Quilt workshop. Paula shows us how effective the use of large print fabrics can be – – anything from traditional floral to wacky Route 99! And she uses 4 repeats of the fabric to create stunning, but simple to construct blocks.  WATCH NOW

#8 Crochet Suzette Cowl Scarf with Jane Czaja

This is one of the new videos from Jane Czaja in 2022. In this workshop, Jane demonstrates how to make this beautiful Cowl Scarf using a chunky, variegated yarn. You get a gorgeous double row stripe effect with this scarf. WATCH NOW

#7 Hadron Collider Quilts from Kate Findlay

Kate’s Hadron Collider Quilts are popular with scientists and, clearly, with all of you. In this video, Kate Findlay talks us through her collection of quilts and how she was inspired by the geometric shapes and patterns as well as colours that she didn’t expect from scientific equipment. WATCH NOW

#6 The Makers Studio with Claire Campion, Quilter

We launched the The Makers Studio series in 2022 with two episodes – – both of which feature in our Top 10 for 2022! In this episode, Claire Campion shares how to use the walking foot to create a range of patterns and textures in your quilting.

It is also worth noting that Claire’s episode includes several of this year’s most popular Hints & Tips, such as You Won’t Ruin Your Patchwork Top When You QuiltUsing Video To Help You LearnWhy an Extension Table and a Wide Throat Machine is Essential, and Why A Walking Foot Is A Must Have.   WATCH NOW

#5 How To Use Acrylic Templates with Carolyn Forster

Acrylic templates have become increasingly popular over the last few years. So have the workshops about them. In this workshop, Carolyn Forster demonstrates how the template will support the cutting and drawing of crisp lines in order to keep everything accurate and improve your piecing. WATCH NOW

#4 Finishing your English Paper Pieced quilt with Nancy Adamek

Moving up from #7 in 2021 to #4 in 2022 is this popular video with Nancy Adamek. How do you finish your English Paper Piecing project after sewing all of your pieces together? Nancy gives you the answers in this workshop. WATCH NOW

#3 The Makers Studio with Dionne Swift, Textile Artist

The second of our popular Makers Studio episodes, made in conjunction with our friends at Janome UK, skyrocketed to #3 in your Most Viewed list for 2022. In this episode,  Dionne Swift uses free motion machine embroidery to create beautiful, stitched textiles with a vibrant mix of threads, colours, and textures. It’s riveting to watch Dionne demonstrate how your needle can become a pen and the thread your ink. WATCH NOW

#2 Super Quick 13 minute quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

Moving up from #8 last year to #2 this year is this Super Quick 13 minute quilt workshop with Valerie Nesbitt. In this video, Valerie talks you through the how to create this lovely top using four Fat 1/4’s cut into large squares.  Sew together with just three vertical seams, no pins, and then 3 horizontal seams. 13 minutes later you have a quilt top. WATCH NOW

#1 MOST VIEWED: 40 minute scrap quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

With an amazing 3.4m total lifetime views from around the globe, our #1 most viewed video in 2022 is the famous 40 minute scrap quilt with Valerie.  In this workshop, Valerie walks you through a magical technique that allows you to make a quilt in no time at all. If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the link below and enjoy the charm of this popular workshop. If you have watched it before, why not enjoy it all over again. WATCH NOW

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