Marking and Layering your quilt with Paula Doyle

///Marking and Layering your quilt with Paula Doyle

Marking and Layering your quilt with Paula Doyle

Part 1 of a series by this award-winning quilter to guide you through finishing your quilt top.


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In this workshop Paula shows you how she layers up her quilt, whatever size, ready for quilting.

Paula  is an award winning quilter and has developed her skills over the years using various methods and these have changed as new products have come onto the market – such as the 505 spray mount and the extrafine, water soluble marking pencil.

That’s not to say that other methods’s aren’t still viable and you should fine what works best for you.

In her handquilting workshop here on the site, Paula shows you her trick for tacking, so if you would prefer not to use the 505 spray, this is another option;  and Valerie loves to use curved basting pins and/or the microtack gun which you can learn about by clicking here.

Paula is also prepared to mark the quilt sandwich once it is prepared with a quilting design but you could do the marking first and she talks about creating your own stencils for quilting designs as well as searching out designs that are avaialble to purchase – many of the stencils these days are designed to be sewn with a continuous flow so as to avoid too much stopping and starting, which of course leaves you with ends to finish off!

If you are now ready to move on to Free Motion quilting- just click here.

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