Small 4-block sampler quilt pieced by hand with Paula Doyle -Part 1

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Small 4-block sampler quilt pieced by hand with Paula Doyle -Part 1

This is part one of the mini-series to make a delightful little quilt all with hand piecing – and not an English Paper in sight.


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This is the quilt that Paula is working on for us:


4_hand-pieced-sampler-block-12-1 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie


Paula takes us through the early design stages for creating your own quilt – a process which works for all sizes – and then moves on to showing us the tools she likes to use, which include sandpaper!

Below are some of the supplies she mentions are and you can click through to the shop to purchase:
Sewline white fabric marker
Quilters Graph Drafting pad
Quilters Quarter
Pre-printed grided template plastic.

As we have already said, this is the alternative to English Paper Piecing – using templates and putting the fabric pieces together with a simple running stitch;  but again Paula passes on some great sewing tips about how to start the run of stitches; increase the strength of your seam, and how to finish, which she in turn learnt from her Grandmother

In making the Four-Patch block, we also get to learn how to pin, particularly when getting the centre seams to match, and then a super tip about finger pressing so that the centre seam lies nice and flat on the back, ready for its final press.

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